Your Life Doesn’t Get Better by Chance. It’s Get Better by Change.

July 25, 2018Success Stories

Your Life Doesn’t Get Better by Chance. It’s Get Better by Change.

July 25, 2018

When Kunal Puri was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes he was just 27 years old. He already had excessive stress due to his new venture in his business and now diabetes, it was too much to handle for him. He consulted a doctor who prescribed him medications for diabetes which he was taking religiously. Still his blood sugars were always on a higher side, why? Even he didn’t know the exact answer of this question at that time.

He didn’t have a family history of diabetes, so that means it’s not related to his genes. Then was it because of his habit of smoking and taking alcohol every single day? Or was it related to his erratic meal timings, unhealthy eating habits or irregular exercise routine? Somehow, he knew the answer within but didn’t want to accept that. Initially he thought everything would get better with time. But unfortunately, it didn’t. After few years when his blood sugars remain uncontrolled and he was started feeling weak and lethargic each passing day then he realised it is a high time to make things right before it’s get too late.

He enrolled himself in Diabee- The Diabetes Management Program in December 2017 for 3 months and renewed the program 3 times in a row. According to him the best part of the program is, it’s a digital platform where he doesn’t have to visit anywhere. He can get all the information he needs through his mobile phone with help of his personal health coach.

He strongly believes in the program and think that “This self-management program, helped me realize that managing my diabetes wasn’t just about taking medications or seeing doctors. It is about making healthy changes in your lifestyle at right time.”

After enrolling in the program his HbA1c came down to 6.5 from 9.5. His blood sugar fasting has also significantly improved from 230-250 mg/dl to 80-100 mg/dl. His personal coach counselled his wife also so that she can support her husband better in his diabetes journey. With constant motivation and counselling from his personal coach now he become more regular with his meal timings and better equipped to make healthy food choices whether at home or travelling away. He has started walking and exercising regularly. Most important change in his life is he has reduced his cigarettes from 10 in a day to 2 now and also significantly reduced quantity and frequency of taking alcohol from daily to 1-2 times a week. Moreover, his doctor is also happy with his efforts and achievement and reduced his medication dose remarkably.

Now, he feels good about his health, feel more energetic and confident in managing diabetes than ever before. About the program he says “It’s a great lifestyle program for people with diabetes or related problems. Personal coach is extremely helpful and supportive, solve all the concern and queries related to diabetes, encourage and motivate to do better every day”.

Thanks, Team Diabee

My Mantra to Win the Battle Against Diabetes – “If you change nothing. Nothing will change.”



Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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