Take Care of Your Body. It’s the Only Place You’ve to Live In…

October 23, 2018Success Stories

Take Care of Your Body. It’s the Only Place You’ve to Live In…

October 23, 2018


Mr. Ankit Sharma is a 36-year-old veterinary doctor lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan with his wife and kid. He was diagnosed with diabetes about seven years ago at the age of 29. After diagnosis with diabetes he was both discouraged and overwhelmed. Though he knew his risk of developing diabetes is very high due to his family history. But this early, he’d never imagined. Of course, he’s too young to diagnose with diabetes. He recalls “Type 2 diabetes is something I should have been checking regularly, but I did not. I wish I had.”

He recalls about his diabetes journey “I was a pack-a-day smoker and drink alcohol quiet often than I should. I didn’t do any exercise and my job was also sedentary and stressful. I didn’t ever bother about my diet and used to eat whatever comes on my plate. I was not regular with my follow-up with the doctor or any tests and examinations related to diabetes. To be very honest, initially I didn’t accept my diabetes diagnosis for very long which didn’t help, in fact it made things even worse.

Then I finally decided to take action for myself and my family. You know what, I heard a lot about diabetes and mostly negative things like complications and how it affects almost entire body from head to toe. I have no desire whatsoever to suffer the consequences of long term elevated blood sugars and put myself, my family and friends through financial and emotional stress of that kind. There are several things in life which you just can’t control but as far as diabetes is concerned – now I know that can be controlled and managed if I want to. I figured out I can do something about it and I choose to. It is about quality of life not quantity of life.

So, I enrolled myself in diabetes management program called Diabee where my personal health coach guided and encouraged me at every step. It’s a digital platform where they counsel and educate people with diabetes through telephonic counselling, mobile app, what’s app chat and patient support groups. It’s a great experience throughout where I learn more and more about diabetes and health every single day from diabetes experts and from people of diabetes support group. After enrolment my HbA1c came down to 7.1 from 10.2. I have reduced my intake of tea and increased my intake of salad, fruits and vegetables. I have started walking daily and make sure I reach my goal of 10 thousand steps daily given by my coach. I have reduced my smoking and alcohol intake significantly. Just imagine, from 3-4 pegs of alcohol five times a week to now 1-2 times in a whole month and reduced cigarettes to 1-2 in a day. I am planning to quit now, which I never thought I could but now I am confident about it. I am really feeling good about myself and my health has improved tremendously.

Thanks, Diabee you are a saviour…!

My Mantra to Win the Battle Against Diabetes is – “Do it now! Sometimes “Later” becomes “Never”.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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