Diabetes is a treatable disease and you have to see the big picture

May 7, 2018Success Stories

Diabetes is a treatable disease and you have to see the big picture

May 7, 2018

My name is Tenesh Panda and in July of 2015, at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with HbA1C of 9.3. My fasting glucose at the time of diagnosis was 349 mg/dl and PP 428 mg/dl.

As I was diagnosed, I started searching online for help. I saw diabetes support group by Diabee on Facebook that had a lot of information about diabetes. Initially, I was confused to see such diabetes related information, as I continued reading everything started making sense. I decided to get enrolled in Diabee program. For few days, I was reluctant about my treatment, but then I thought of solving my problems with guidance. I would like to say that whatever my health coach pooja suggested me about my diet, I started doing it. My job involved hours of sitting and travelling. Even my office was close to my residence because of this, I rarely got an opportunity to walk or exercise. This was making me lazy and worsening my diabetes.

Few months ago, I was a lazy man with no physical activity routine, no fixed meal timings. I was neither having any medicine for diabetes nor doing any diet. In the last 3-4 months, I have taken diabetes management seriously. I have always been a self-motivating person. However, there are times when you just flow with the flow.

The takeaway point here is that only dead fish flows with the flow.

As per the suggestion of my health coach, I have included 1 hour of playing cricket in evening. This has made me connect to my inner self and helped me increase my activity levels. There is no doubt that I had few slip ups in the first few weeks, but I can honestly say, “I have been fully devoted to my newly found regime since last 6 months”. Now, I feel fitter and full of energy. My HbA1C is now 5.5! The fasting glucose is 120 mg/dL and PP is 138 mg/dL. So, when I have my next HbA1C, I am sure it will be even lower. I’m glad to find a diabetes management program like Diabee.! My current blood sugar values are much better now, which is an achievement for a person like me.

My message to the whole diabetes community

People often think that there are some magic pills that can cure diabetes in a very short time. They keep their unhealthy diet and schedule as usual. However, the truth is that no substitute for constant hard work on balanced diet, right exercise and proper medications in management of diabetes.

Diabetes is a treatable disease and you have to see the big picture.

I wish you good health & happiness



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