You are only one decision away from a healthy life

January 19, 2018Success Stories

You are only one decision away from a healthy life

January 19, 2018

My name is T. Ganguly, I’m 52 years old, having type 2 diabetes since last 5 years. I live in NCR Faridabad with my family. I work as an IT consultant and that involves a lot of travelling.

As a kid growing up through the 60’s and 70’s I spent most of my spare time out, either playing football or cricket. When I left school and started to work, all activity levels went really down.  This has been the case over the last 10- 15 years.

The unhealthy me

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013. I thought I was possibly suffering from diabetes for a few months as I had read about the symptoms (thirst, excessive drinking, excessive urinating and tiredness). But due to my careless attitude towards my health, I chose to ignore them.

I think one of the big factors in me developing type 2 diabetes was my travelling schedule. It has always been easier to eat out as opposed to bringing a lunch box. I really had no idea about what to have and what not to have during travel, even I was unable to do exercise. I use to eat whatever that was available. In south India, I had to eat rice in all meals and in north, I was having street food like kuchla chola, chola bathura etc. The healthiest drink I can recall, I use to have was juice. My schedule was hectic, due to long training sessions, I even use to miss my lunch. I had my meals only when I got time, that rarely had any veggies or salad in it. I skipped getting any tests. All this has ruined by health in these years.

Time to take a call

Early this year, I started feeling tired all day. My energy levels were deteriorating day by day and I also noticed loss of weight. This tiredness and exhaustion lead to irritability and started affecting my productivity.

It was June 2017, when I got in touch with Dr.Sidharth,  Diabetetologist by Diabee. I was asked to get some blood tests done after the consultation. I was expecting my blood sugars to be high as I was ignoring them. However, I had never thought that the levels will turn out to be so high. The reports revealed FBS- 336 mg/Dl, PP- 461 mg/Dl and HbA1C -12%. Even the cholesterol levels were also high, but Vit D was too low and body weight was 67 kg.

After seeing all my reports, I thought to myself that, will I be able to bring these elevated levels to normal range. It was the doctor that calmed me down. He told me that the levels are high as I was not serious about the treatment. However, the good news is that, if I follow regular medication along with healthy lifestyle, then within a short span of time the blood sugars can be brought down.

Right from the next day, I was put on antidiabetic medicines and the doctor told me to get enroll in Diabee.  He explained me that, it is not only the diet and exercise but various other factors that impact the diabetes. Initially, I was reluctant about taking medicines, but then, I took a decision that I will get healthy again.

Diabee, a companion in the journey with diabetes

After I got enrolled, Health Coach Akanksha asked about my schedule, diet etc. After understanding my whole lifestyle, she came up with innovative ideas that I can include in my life to stay healthy. She explained me how I can choose healthier options while travelling. She advised me to carry homemade meals and handy snack options like roasted chana, fruit or nuts during travel. Whenever, homemade meals were not possible, I was told to pick up the healthiest of cuisines available for ex. instead of aloo stuffed dosa, I should prefer paneer or plain dosa. I started ordering idli or uttpam with sambhar and pudhina chutney instead of vada & coconut chutney. Similarly, in north India, instead of rich curries, dal makhni, shaahi paneer, naan or puri etc., now I was choosing salad, clear soup, plain dal, seasonal vegetable. She explained me that tandori roti, missi or plain tawa roti is better than naan or paratha and I should choose chaach , plain lemon water, cold coffee without sugar instead of cold drinks, milk shakes, mock tails, juices etc.

I often use to skip breakfast earlier or sometimes I only had an egg or a glass of milk. Now, I have been taking a balanced diet according to the customized diet plan suggested to me, as per my calorie requirement. My health coach has suggested me quick and easy ways to prepare healthy snacks. I often told akanksha, “how much you will make me eat?”

Now, I have fixed my meal timings and made a ritual to take half an hour walk at least 2 times daily.

Bright side of life

Now I get compliments for looking healthier that before. My weight has increased to about 72 kg now, B/S fasting- 132, pp – 205, HbA1C -7.3 . I am positive about the future. I really believe that with the healthy lifestyle changes, I can stop any further damage that may have been caused.

My only regret was not to have started the program as soon as I found out about my type 2 diabetes. I wasted a lot of my time in confusion and ignorance.

I am fortunate to have Diabee in my life.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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