Smart shopping tips for people with diabetes

June 7, 2018Diabetes Care

Smart shopping tips for people with diabetes

June 7, 2018

Every diabetic is aware that healthy eating is a must for managing their diabetes well. But, in order to ensure that your meals are healthy, you have to adopt healthy shopping habits as well.

The foremost step is to make a list. Understand what all you need to buy from the grocery store and jot them down in your list. This step becomes easier if you have a set menu in front of you. Plan all of your meals for the week beforehand by balancing your food intake for all food groups. This helps in writing down all essential food items in your shopping list. Remember to stick to this list and not get tempted by the products displayed on shelves. The list also helps to put a stop on impulse buying.

Once your list is prepared, you are all set to step out and shop. But never shop on an empty stomach as it can lead to binge eating in the market, breaking your diet plans. This will also prevent low blood sugar episodes because of staying hungry for long time in the market. It is usually seen that hunger weakens your ability to shop and eat healthy, as it makes you impulsive to have foods that you normally don’t consume as very tempting.

When you are presented with a choice over two similar looking food items, and it becomes difficult for you to choose then read their ‘Food Labels’. The food having more nutritious values should always take a precedence. Also pay attention to the amount of fat per serving. Read beyond just the total fats as foods with high saturated and trans fat that can raise bad cholesterol and increase heart disease risk.

Prefer to buy fresh produce and in-season produce as much as possible. Opt for whole grains instead of processed ones. Avoid deep freeze products as much as possible. In case you must buy frozen or canned foods, prefer ones which do not have a sauce base. Such sauces generally have high amount of fat as well as salts added to them. Remember to check expiry dates for all packed foods.

Go dark for fresh produce by picking up darker-hued foods. choose spinach over iceberg lettuce, sweet potatoes over white potatoes, brown rice over white rice, and hearty whole-grain breads over white. Vibrant veggies generally have more nutrients than paler ones. And whole-grain breads, brown rice, and whole wheat pastas contain more fiber than white kinds

If you can’t resist a favorite food, treat yourself to a small portion or buy a single 100-calorie pack, usually available near the checkout lines. Always remember these calories consumed and try to balance the rest of your meals, so that the daily calorie intake as per your requirement remains the same.

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