Ruchi’s health goals are now in her reach!

October 20, 2017Success Stories

Ruchi’s health goals are now in her reach!

October 20, 2017

My name is Mrs. Ruchi Aggarwal, I reside in Gurugram. I am 41 year old homemaker. I have two lovely daughters of 9 years & 6 years age. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 9 years ago. For the first 7 years I managed the condition with only medicines. I was not at all serious about my lifestyle and because of that my diabetes got worse.

My sugar levels and HbA1C was high, but I was also afraid of low sugar. I usually experienced uneasiness and dizziness especially when I had to do my work at home. I was hungry more often but I didn’t know what to have so that my blood sugar level does not rise abruptly. Because of unhealthy habits, my weight was also increasing. My doctor was consistently increasing the medication dose as he saw very less improvement.

Being a stay at home mom I had a lot of responsibilities. I usually got the time to eat only when my family had taken the meal. Even I use to forget having my meals on time. Exercise was also something which I wanted to do but unable to manage time for that. This is when my health got affected, I started feeling tired and weak throughout the day. However, being the mother requires you to be on toes always, which was a challenge to me. I accepted the challenge but was unsure where to start. What I didn’t know was that a healthy combination of balanced diet and right exercise will help me achieve my health goals.

One day my friend told me about Diabee, which is a complete diabetes management programme. This approach of Diabee worked for me. I got in touch with my health coach after I purchased a quarterly plan. My personalised health coach had a clear understanding of my routine, she guided me how to overcome the challenges and bring my blood sugar levels down. I was given a personal diet chart and tips to stay active all day on the basis of my B.M.I that is calculated by measuring body weight and height. She also kept a regular follow-up, to ensure that I can easily adopt the dietary changes. It is with her motivation and my determination that my HbA1C has reduced from 7.3% to 6.3% in 6 month time.  At the same time my PP was 140mg/dl but now it has come down to 85mg/dl. My body weight has also reduced from 61 kg to 59 kg now.

With the help of Diabee, I started recording my daily meals and discussed my concerns with the health coach. As advised by her, I have started including more fibre in my diet that has helped me reduce weight and keep my diabetes in check.

I must say that Diabee programme has really changed my life. I feel more energetic and better prepared to handle my responsibilities. My doctor also gave me similar advice. However, my health coach has helped me make that advice more actionable.

I would say that this programme has worked for me. It is highly recommended to people living with diabetes.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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