Pratap fights his Depression & Diabetes

October 22, 2017Success Stories

Pratap fights his Depression & Diabetes

October 22, 2017

My name is Pratap Jittu, I’m 29 years old, Mumbai based businessman with type 2 diabetes. Being in the hotel industry, I had a hectic schedule. I was a regular smoker for last 10 years and I use to have alcohol at least once a week. My routine was so unhealthy that I use to stay up till 5 a.m. in the morning and then sleep to wake up at 2 p.m. in the afternoon. I had a habit of having too much of fried, spicy junk food with excessive cola intake. I literally had no time to do exercise.

Since a very long time, I was experiencing some symptoms like too much thirst, excessive urinating and all day tiredness. I initially thought this is because of my work stress, so I ignored them. But gradually these symptoms became worse and I had to consult my doctor. He asked to get some basic blood tests done and to my surprise the fasting blood sugar level came out to be over 300 mg/dl. Even my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were raised. Then the doctor advised me medicines and suggested some lifestyle changes.

However, this was the time when my business incurred losses and I started getting depressed. I was always a person who loved spending time with friends but now I tried to isolate myself. This phase was the worst phase of my life when I needed emotional and mental support.

I think some of the major factors for development of type 2 diabetes for me were my diet, schedule and stress. I use to feel very stressful and sleepy. In the mean while I was reading a lot of health related articles on internet, but they had so much contradictory information about do’s and don’ts on how to deal with the diabetes, that I got confused.

This is when one of my relatives told me about Diabee, which is a diabetes management programme. I subscribed to a monthly plan and a personal health coach was assigned for me. She planned a proper diet care plan, keeping my health goals in mind. My diet plan was made so practical that I could easily relate to it. I stopped having sweets, pastries and canned beverages and went on a low fat diet initially. Once I got accustomed to my new diet, my health coach changed it to a low carb diet plan. I was also advised to start with 20 minute walk daily, which was increased to 45 minutes after a month. As my sleeping pattern was also irregular, they told me to fix a sleeping & wake-up time.

The health coach helped me fight off depression with her advice & motivation. Now, I have become emotionally stronger. I receive actionable health tips and medicine reminders on my phone. Whenever I need an advice on what to eat, my health coach always replies instantly. The blood sugar levels and blood pressure are now much better than before.

Thanks to Diabee, I feel more positive about my life. I really believe that with these healthy lifestyle changes and positive feedback of my health coach, I can live a better quality life.

I encourage people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and whoever needs expert advice to fight diabetes, should try DIABEE.  God bless!


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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