I wish I had someone who could guide me at every step – Kishwar Yasmin

January 2, 2018Success Stories

I wish I had someone who could guide me at every step – Kishwar Yasmin

January 2, 2018
My name is Kishwar Yasmin. I am a type 2 diabetic. My age is 56 and I live in Lucknow. Personally speaking I am a person who likes reading, cooking and taking care of my family. Being a teacher, I devote my day to the school and whatever time I get I invest on my family. You know the joy of having a happy family, it is truly a blessing.
My journey with diabetes started nearly 4 years ago, when I experienced some discomfort and desire to urinate every few minutes.
I remember, it was my birthday in June 2013. We had a small get-together. Everyone left home a little late, after the party got over. The same night I started feeling the urge to urinate too often. I ignored this for a couple of days. However, on constant persuasion from my family. I went for a medical consultation with our family doctor. He asked me a couple of questions and checked my blood pressure, which was 130/85 mmHg. He had a doubt that I may have diabetes. The next day I got my blood sugar checked. The fasting turned out to be 66 and PP was 212 mg/dL.
I was upset, as I came to know about my diabetes. We all have heard a lot about diabetes since childhood. My mind was flooded with lot of misconceptions and beliefs. I feared myself as being a diabetic and what my life will be now.
I have a positive family history of diabetes and know what being a diabetic means. My brother is a diabetic since many years and have seen the challenges he faced in his day-to-day life. In Lucknow, we prefer high calorie diet consisting of pooris, halwa, gulab jamun etc. After I got to know about diabetes, I got serious to get it under control.

We must decide what we want, disease or a quality life

I was advised anti-diabetes medicines and I started following them strictly. Now, I know that I managed diabetes successfully for last few years by following healthy lifestyle and medications. I have started avoiding the rich diet that I was in a habit of having. That diet was too oily, spicy and had a lot of maida.
Now, I prefer having my tea without sugar. Even my meals are as per my doctor’s advice. These lifestyle changes are not easy when you have responsibilities of your family.
Thankfully, all the raised levels of blood sugar are now normal. Even my blood pressure is within the normal range. Earlier I used to feel the craving for sugar, but now the desire for sweet things has disappeared and I no longer feel the need to eat high carb foods to satisfy my hunger. I usually avoided eating fruits, but now gradually I have made a regimen to have fruit daily. I prefer eating vegetables and healthy food, they are now my best friends. I always try to make out some time for my daily walk. It is not that regular, but whenever I get time. I take a walk. Over a period, I have also seen positive change in my weight.

Biggest challenge

The biggest challenge that I have is to find some “ME TIME”. When you know, you have the whole family to look after, it’s natural to become selfless and devote all the time for their betterment.
In my case, I had the motivation and will to bring my life back in order. But I am sure there are people who need support and motivation to modify their lifestyle. I strongly believe that lifestyle change is the main requirement to getting back on track.
I wish I had someone who had guided me at every step. It took a lot of time for me to learn healthy habits to improve my lifestyle.

Message for people like me

I want to tell all the people like me that a combination of healthy food and lifestyle changes play a very important role in managing a big illness like diabetes. We all can should make time for what we feel is important in our lives.

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