I feel much better about myself and I look forward to feeling even fitter

January 25, 2018Success Stories

I feel much better about myself and I look forward to feeling even fitter

January 25, 2018

My name is Sanjay, I a 35-year-old business man living in Rajasthan. I am work oriented person. After I completed my education I started with my business. I have a café of my own. My life revolves around work. I believe that, it is only through hard work one can achieve all the dreams.

One day I saw an advertisement about Diabee on Facebook. I liked it for my mother, who is a diabetic. I thought of checking, how such apps can help my mother. The next day I received a call from Diabee. While discussing about my mother’s diabetes, I noticed that I experienced similar symptoms such as too much thirst, excessive tiredness etc. The counsellor suggested me to get some tests done. The reports revealed fasting blood sugar 160 mg/dL, PP 250 mg/dl & HbA1C 10.

I consulted the doctor who suggested me medicines and healthy habits for diet & exercise.

To get my lifestyle in control, I got enrolled in Diabee

I was assigned a health coach; her name is Pooja. She is a very motivating person.

Before I tell you how Diabee helped me change my life, let me share with you my usual diet and schedule at the time when I got diagnosed.

I got up at 6 a.m. and right after getting fresh, sat on my laptop to check mails for an hour or two. At around 9 a.m., I got ready for work and had my breakfast that constituted of 2-3 chappatis with desi ghee and tea. During the day, I was so busy with my work that I usually missed my meals. My lunch had 3 chappatis, little salad, some vegetable and a big glass of lassi. In the evening, I had a cup of tea with biscuits or even a glass of cold coffee. In my dinner, I had rice & chapattis with little serving of vegetable.

I was very lazy about doing any kind of physical activity. I had a habit to sleeping late which gave me very less time for sleep. I was gaining weight every month; at the height of 5’6’’, I weighed 88 kg and my BMI reached 31.

This is where I was convinced by the idea of making healthy lifestyle changes to control diabetes. I thought that being a 35-year-old man, I have a long way to go. I will not let the work stress take control over my life.

Lifestyle modification

My health coach Pooja, worked on my health goals and gifted me a new healthy lifestyle. My mindset was to work day & night to achieve my goals, so that after I retire, I can relax. She made me understand the value of good health. She advised me to stand up and take a walk every hour as I was sitting for long time at work. I started talking a 30-minute walk daily as per her advice.

Due to work I had too much gap in the meals, I had whatever I used to get, without thinking. Pooja motivated me to have healthy snacks in between the meals such as bhuna channa, sprouts, or a fruit.

As far as sleep is concerned, I have started going to sleep earlier than before. I have made a point to sleep at least 7-8 hours daily and I practise deep breathing as soon as I wake up.

I was working hard for my family. However, on the walk of life often we give all our time and attention to work. These career goals slowly gradually start filling up the gaps of family time. We spend less time with family, I have 2 kids and a wonderful wife. Now, my health coach Pooja has given me a goal to spend some quality time daily with them. I take my son for a walk and made a point to spend some quality time with my wife.

Now, I feel much better about myself and I look forward to feeling even fitter. I would just like to thank Diabee for the inspiration and motivation because of which I too could beat type 2 diabetes.

Now my fasting blood sugar remains below 110 mg/Dl. Health Coach Pooja, calls me every week. You feel as if there is someone taking care of you. I was really amazed to see that a virtual program like Diabee can help so much in diabetes.

I have found this program beneficial. I suggest everyone who is a diabetic or has a loved one who is living with diabetes should subscribe to this program. This is an amazing program. Thank you.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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