How to Keep Your Kidney Healthy

June 15, 2017Diabetes Care

How to Keep Your Kidney Healthy

June 15, 2017

Your kidneys play a big role in the functioning of your body. They not only regulate the level of water in your body by flushing out excess water or retaining water as required, but they also help regulate the levels of minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, etc. in your system by flushing out excess substances and waste products. Your kidneys also produce hormones, which help in various body functions.

Kidney-related problems can result in an impact on both your health and overall quality of life. Hence, it’s important to take preventive measure to avoid the same.

Here are 6 ways in which you can keep your kidney healthy:

1. Drink sufficient water
We’ve all been told since childhood that we need to drink atleast 2 liters or 8 glasses of water everyday, but not all of us practice this rule. Drinking sufficient water helps your kidneys flush out toxins and waste particles from your body, thereby reducing your chances of getting chronic kidney problems.

2. Eat right and exercise
A combination of a healthy diet and an active lifestyle can help you prevent any kidney problems. Small steps such as reducing your salt intake and limiting your restaurant meals can go a long way in keeping your kidney healthy. And exercising atleast a few times a week will definitely help too!

3. Watch your blood sugar and pressure levels
While the direct harmful effects of high blood pressure and blood sugar levels are well known, very few people realize that these can also result in kidney damage. This problem is even more dangerous for those suffering from a combination of high blood sugar and pressure. To keep your kidney functioning well, it is important to keep a regular check on your blood pressure and sugar levels, and consult a doctor if you are at risk.

4. Stop Smoking
Not only does smoking reduce the flow of blood to the kidneys, hampering their ability to function well, but it also increases your risk of getting kidney cancer by over 50%!

5. Do not self medicate
While painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs might provide you temporary relief, they are causing severe damage to your kidneys. While a pill taken now and then is okay, it’s better to consult a doctor in case of chronic pain.

6. Get your kidneys tested
Last but not the least, get a kidney function test done, especially if you are considered ‘high risk’ due to factors such as being obese or a smoker, suffering from hypertension, or genetic or personal history of kidney problems.

These simple, yet highly effective, steps will help you prevent kidney disease and keep this vital organ healthy.


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