Diabee is a program for people who are at risk of developing diabetes & people living with diabetes. Touching 150,000+ patients through digital channels and 50,000+ patients on ground, Diabee is India’s largest community of diabetic patients.


Diabee is a complete Diabetes Management Program that works in 5 steps.

Team Diabee takes the complete medical history of the person. This helps us to understand the disease and the person. Also, our clinical team will evaluate all the laboratory reports. This will enable us to know the prime concerns of the person.

After collecting a detailed medical history, every individual’s health goals are mutually set after understanding their current knowledge level and readiness to change. The plan begins with educating the person on diabetes, how it affects our body, how insulin plays a role etc. After we know the individual’s dietary pattern and current activity level based on his daily schedule, we analyse the problem areas.

All 5 pillars of diabetes management (healthy diet, exercise, medication, monitoring and stress management) are covered. Our clinical and nutrition team creates a customized diet plan according to the calorie requirement and health goal. We also recommend a specific exercise plan based on physiotherapist’s advise and try to incorporate exercise routine in his daily activity.   Our team of diabetes educators make the person understand the diabetes care process starting from self-monitoring, understanding sugar pattern, education on medications and insulin and learning self-care skills such as foot care to skincare to dental care etc.

Not only this, we make the patient access peer to peer interaction, where people having similar challenges & concerns with diabetes can share their experiences.

We choose a family member of the patient, who can make the patient accountable. We help the next of kin, the people directly taking care or even living with the patient, understand the progress of the patient.

We take a follow-up on the advises given. Try to know the challenges faced by the patient in following up the advice and provide solution. Help the patient adhere to medications. In this process, we address each & every concern of the patient. Then do a periodic follow-up.


  • Pre-diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes

We ensure High Quality Diabetes Care with

  • Doctor driven Clinical Program
  • Team of Certified Diabetes Educators
  • Experienced Clinical Nutritionist & Behavioral Experts
  • Qualified Physiotherapists

Diabetes education and management is achieved by the following techniques:

  1.       Counselor 1 to 1 learning
  2.       Counselor 1 to many learning
  3.       Peer to peer learning
  4.       Chat support

You’ll always find us standing by your side, ready to answer each and every query you have. We’ll also clear your doubts, help separate the facts from the myths and help you become accountable for your own quality of life.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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