Why festive season is exam time for diabetics?

October 15, 2017Diabetes Care

Why festive season is exam time for diabetics?

October 15, 2017

Ah, Indian festivals! What is not to love about them? Everyone is in a festive mood, there are beautiful lights and decorations everywhere and there is a sense of happiness all around. In the midst of these festivals, the one thing that comes to mind is ‘Sweets’!

Our festivals are synonymous with delectable desserts. When most of the confectionery stores around are bursting with an array of sweets, all colorfully wrapped and ready to be gifted, it is hard to resist.

Unfortunately, a lot of people with diabetes struggle during Diwali because they simply can’t resist indulging in that delicious piece of mithai.

Let’s discuss how health gets affected during festivals

During festival times, there can be great fluctuations in fasting and after-food sugar levels. Over time, the HbA1c levels also increase, causing higher risk of developing diabetes-related complications. For the next few days, it is either festivals or outings. During this time people generally gain weight. People who are prediabetic tend to show higher blood glucose levels and the ones who are already diabetic, their blood sugars usually shoot at this time.

Follow these Don’ts and Do’s to enjoy festivities without worsening your diabetes:

Diabetes does pose certain restrictions, but this does not mean that the fun in your life is over. You can have a good time with your friends and family by just being a little mindful of your diet and regimen.

Wish you a very Happy festive season.


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