Are you exhausted at work?

April 17, 2018Diabetes Care

Are you exhausted at work?

April 17, 2018

Are you living with diabetes? Do you often feel tired and exhausted at work? Have you ever felt that your energy levels are low and irritability is high?

You may be a victim of fatigue due to diabetes. There are various reasons of fatigue in people with diabetes. However, one of the prime reasons of fatigue in people with diabetes is often due to blood sugar fluctuations, but stress and emotional concerns can be other factors.

85% of people with diabetes experience fatigue: Study1 Excessive tiredness is referred to as fatigue. It is one of the classic symptoms of diabetes and many other illnesses. It can take a toll on your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

What are the effects of fatigue on workplace productivity:

Fatigue is generally seen to negatively affect the health and can make daily tasks difficult to carry out.

Less energy, reduced concentration

Poor cognitive function & poor memory

Decreased ability to cope up with stress

Less productivity and motivation

What are the causes of diabetes Fatigue?

Diabetes fatigue is related to a combination of physiological, psychological and lifestyle related factors.

Physiological: In diabetes, due to high blood sugar level, blood flow is reduced to various parts including brain

Psychological factors such as anxiety & depression associated with diabetes

Lifestyle factors such as reduced activity levels and unhealthy eating habits 

There are other factors also that may lead to fatigue along with diabetes such as lack of sleep, alcohol intake, medications etc

If your blood sugars are in control then considered being tested for sleep apnea, anemia, hypo or hyperthyroid, chronic infections, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis etc. It’s important to talk with your physician about your symptoms to rule out other possible causes.

How imbalance in blood sugar levels lead to fatigue?

When blood sugar level is low, it decreases the oxygen and blood flow to the brain and other organs leading to fatigue. On the other hand, if blood sugar level is high, it again impacts the blood flow leading to fatigue.

 How to keep yourself active and energized?

Tiredness often makes you sluggish, inactive and triggers unhealthy habits. People often use stimulants like, tea, coffee and cigarettes to stay alert. They temporarily remove fatigue for few minutes. However, using them in excessive quantity worsens diabetes.

There are many ways to reduce fatigue with diabetes. The most important thing that you can do is to control your blood sugar. This helps your body to get the right fuel. Also, make sure you eat the right food.

Top 10 tips to overcome fatigue, if you have diabetes:

Keep a close check on your blood sugar levels

Never miss meals, eat a well-balanced diet as per your calorie requirement

Make sure you get 7-8 hours of quality sleep daily

Follow a regular exercise regime based on your health goal

Take a 5-minute break every 2 hours at work

Practice deep breathing daily to manage stress

Take a power nap during the day

Join a diabetes community and connect to people having similar challenges and emotions

Drink more water

Get enrolled to Diabee, a complete diabetes management program.

Fatigue can be due to various reasons, that need to be evaluated by a doctor.

Diabetes is not only about diet & exercise. There are other aspects such as stress, sleep etc. that affect the blood sugar levels. Diabee helps you to take control of your health by making you implement strategies for healthy lifestyle.

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Source: Fritschi C, Quinn L. Fatigue in Patients with Diabetes: A Review. Journal of psychosomatic research. 2010;69(1):33-41. doi:10.1016/j.jpsychores.2010.01.021.



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