Don’t Expect to See a Change, If You Don’t Make One…

September 15, 20180Success Stories

Don’t Expect to See a Change, If You Don’t Make One…

September 15, 2018 0

Daniel Fenn was fond of junk and non-vegetarian food. He loves to live his life on his own terms. He has his own garment business in Thrissur a city located in southern part of Kerala. He was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 years ago and since then blood sugars remain constantly high despite of continuous increase in his dose of medications. Last HBA1c was 10.4 and fasting and PP were sky-high ranging between 200-250 and 400-450 mg/dl respectively. He was urinating more often, feeling hungry and thirsty all the times and body was leaking large amount of glucose through urine. He was on terrible road to disaster. Blood cholesterol were high and was already taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol both. There was no physical activity, meal timings were irregular, and diet was something he had no control over.

He heard about a digital program called Diabee from his friend’s known to. He enrolled himself for 6 months program, just to check how it works. And, it worked beautifully for him and was a great decision indeed, so he renewed the program for another 6 months. Some experiences he shared about the program are “I am enjoying this program, it’s a great learning. My personal coach and diabetes expert from Diabee helped me in my journey to win over diabetes. I start noticing the changes within the first 2-3 weeks. During the short span of 3-4 months, my blood sugars and cholesterol levels improved tremendously. Now my blood sugar fasting remains between 80-90 mg/dl and PP around 110-120 mg/dl, isn’t that amazing? I’ve started walking and exercising daily for at least 30 minutes in a day. The diet recommended to me is much easier to follow and stick on to. Now I am much more aware of the foods I should be eating and foods I should be staying away from. I am trying new foods and different recipes and I’m loving it.

My coach counselled me on how to manage diabetes when I was sick and down with fever and diarrhoea. I was also educated on how to take care of my diabetes and diet while travelling. My coach also advised and informed me about test and exams related to diabetes and their significance in preventing long-term complications. I learned how to manage low and high blood sugars effectively. My coach also guided me about self-care in diabetes whether it is related to my feet, eyes or skin.

I would say, this program is definitely something which I would recommend to any diabetic looking to make a change. Now I have something to look forward to other than amputations or other complications in my future!

My mantra to win battle against diabetes is “Sorry, there is no magic. You have to eat healthy and live healthy to be HEALTHY…!

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