• What are foots care tips a person with diabetes should follow?
What are foots care tips a person with diabetes should follow?

People with diabetes should follow these simple tips:

  • Check your feet every day (for cut, blisters redness, swelling, corn, calluses, ingrown or infected toe-nails)
    • If you cannot see the bottoms of your feet, use a mirror or ask someone for help.
  • Wash your feet every day with luke warm water with mild soap.
    • Check the temperature of the water with your hand.
    • Avoid soaking your feet in water (skin gets dry afterwards).
  • Dry your feet carefully, especially between the toes.
    • Use talcum powder or corn-starch to keep the skin dry between your toes (if sweat lot).
  • Keep your skin soft and smooth. Apply a thin coat of skin lotion, cream on your feet (AVOID between your toes).
  • You can gently smoothen your hard or dead skin with pumice stone.
    • Do not remove hard areas, corns and calluses with razor blades, corn plasters and callus removers as it can damage your skin.
  • Trim your toenails straight across after shower and file the edges with an emery board or nail file.
    • Do not cut nails too short or the corners of your toenail. ┬áSeek help from someone or a foot doctor if you are unable to reach them, ingrown or thick toenails.
  • Protect your feet from hot and cold.
    • Never use hot water bottles, heating pads, or electric blankets. You can burn your feet without realizing it.
  • Footwear: Never walk barefoot (indoors or outdoors).
    • Wear comfortable shoes that fit well (with plenty of room, especially in the toe box; avoid heels and pointed shoes) and protect your feet.
    • Shop for shoes in the evening as your feet tend to swell during the day.
    • Check inside your shoes before wearing them. Make sure the lining is smooth and there are no foreign objects inside.
    • Prefer athletic or walking shoes for more support.
  • Socks: Always wear clean, seamless, lightly padded socks that fit well with your shoes to avoid the possibility of blisters and sores.
    • Prefer socks made up of breathable material (materials preferably of cotton or woollen which keep your feet dry and absorb moisture).
    • Do not wear socks or knee-high stockings that are too tight below your knee.
  • Keep the blood flowing to your feet.
    • Put your feet up when sitting. Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 5 minutes, two (2) or three (3) times a day.
    • Don’t cross your legs for long periods of time.
    • Don’t smoke.

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