Make your journey with diabetes easier with Diabee- Powered by Expert Doctors & Clinical Nutritionists.


Calorie Counter through built in diet logging



Community- Helps you connect with likeminded people. This increases motivation and sense of mutual support. Track & manage your activity levels. Know the steps walked/day, calories burned and active time

Personised Health Coach- Interact with our Certified Diabetes Educators from anywhere.


Customised diet plan for healthy dietary modification


Personalised education on diabetes and healthy lifestyle

Expert Behavioural Therapist for behaviour-change program Records and access vitals like body weight, B.P., Blood sugar, HbA1C , Lab reports etc.  

Proactive support management for very low or very high blood sugar levels

Diabetes education right at your smartphone.

 Over hundreds of downloads. Get it now on google play.



Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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