For those who have had diabetes for long and their organ health is now deteriorating. This is an intensive plan that takes the complications head-on.

  1. Have you had diabetes for more than 5 years?
  2. Are you on insulin and multiple oral medications and still finding difficult to control high blood sugar levels?
  3. Has your doctor told you that you are having complications related to heart, eyes, kidney, nerves or any other organ?
  4. Do you want any specific guidance on how to deal with complications of diabetes?
  5. Are you worried about increasing doses, worsening of complication and rising healthcare cost?
  6. Do you wish to improve your quality of life even with diabetes?
  7. Have you lost hope on dealing with complications and looking for solution?

If answer to any one of the above questions is “YES” then you need to take action now. This will help in managing complications of diabetes and a live healthy life.

Diabetes is a progressive disorder if you don’t make the effort to control it, you could set yourself up for a host of complications. And, diabetes over a period can take a toll on nearly every organ in your body including heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, sexual organs etc.

How can you benefit?

Our team of experts including doctors, certified diabetes educators, experienced nutritionist, physiotherapist, behavioural counsellors will help you to manage diabetes in a long-run, prevent complications and their progression, minimise healthcare cost and to live happy, healthy and quality life with diabetes.

A personal coach will help you to do lifestyle modifications such as:

  • Changing food habits
  • Increasing activity levels
  • Planning strategy to overcome the diabetes related challenges
  • Reducing stress by behavioural modifications
  • Reinforcing healthy choices

Do you know that diabetes is not only about diet & exercise? There are many other factors that influence our health. Our expert councillors will give educational sessions on the following topics:

We help the person learn various topics for diabetes management such as:

  • What are basics of diabetes? Its common symptoms, causes, investigation and management
  • How one can achieve better control by understanding pattern of their sugars using SMBG?
  • What is the role of diet and nutrition therapy in managing the complications?
  • What are the safety measures one should take, if having diabetes complications?
  • How oral medications & insulin education helpful in management of complications?
  • How behavioural modification helps to manage stress better?
  • What are the self-care in which diabetes complications can be prevented from getting worsen?
  • What are the periodic tests, investigations and recommended targets of diabetes?
  • What special precautions one need to take on sick days, while travelling, during change of weather for preventing worsening of complications?

We also Answer all queries related to diabetes and its complications.

The program also includes group support from others who share your goals and struggles. This is a group of peers who helps you reinforce your habit, who make you feel accountable, and give you a sense of mutual support.

This diabetes management program works on a specific diet plan & exercise routine, which can be included in your daily schedule. We focus on offering a holistic approach on the person by fixing health goals.

We motivate the person on medicinal adherence, make him learn healthy habits, gain new skills. This will not only help in management of type 2 diabetes but also prevent progression of diabetes complications.

This improves the Quality of Life and helps the person living with diabetes feel healthier and energetic.

A word from our Patients


My Health coach understood my disease pattern and advised accordingly.


With Diabee Program I discovered new ways of eating & started enjoying good foods.


Diabee is helping me to recover from diabetes.



Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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