Conducted for Employee Welfare, by Diabee, an initiative of HealthCare atHOME India


Diabee, an initiative of HealthCare atHOME, organises diabetes awareness programs in various cities. Our focus is to to lay emphasis on the importance of health in the lives of the employees, who are the true asset of any organization.

Our sessions focus on unhealthy lifestyle habits that are the primary cause of various disorders like Obesity, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid disease etc. An unhealthy lifestyle can also trigger the habit of smoking and alcohol intake leading to stress which is one of the major risk factors for Heart disease, Stroke and even Diabetes.

An unhealthy employee is prone to having stress, anxiety, low attention, weak memory, mood disturbances, poor learning, decreased creativity, poor work performance, accidents at work etc.

We want to create a culture of health that encourages an employee to enjoy a better quality of life.  This can not only improve their health but boost their productivity too.

Activities on the day of the event:

30 minutes – On the spot health risk evaluation, assessment of ideal body weight and its correlation with various diseases. Discussion on strategies for correction of unhealthy habits. Health talk on importance of Holistic health, nutritional guidance, effects of lifestyle diseases in our personal and professional lives.

15 minutes – Questions & Answer session with our Experts.

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Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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