December 4, 2017 Success Stories

My name is Baljit Kaur, I am a type 2 diabetic. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. Originally from Punjab, currently I am living in Mumbai with my elder daughter and son-in-law. I have my own boutique and I also run my boutique online.

Experience with life

My journey of life has always been challenging. In the year 1988, my 8-year-old son died after fighting with a life-threatening disease. This was an unbearable loss for me, it made me so depressed that my blood pressure started to rise. In 1990 by God grace we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. After two years of her birth, I started my journey as an entrepreneur by opening a boutique in Punjab in the year 1992. My husband used to work as a bank manager.

All was sailing smooth when suddenly I got the biggest shock of my life when in 2004 my husband suddenly died after a heart attack. At that time, our younger daughter was only 13 years old while older one had got married. My life literally took a U-Turn, I know how I have single handedly brought up my children. I worked in the boutique during the day and in late evenings I use to manage my family responsibilities. Life got so busy that I started giving less priority to my health. I was already experiencing some symptoms like frequent urination and tiredness since a long time, but still I kept ignoring them. When I went for a regular checkup, I was diagnosed with diabetes, my blood sugar fasting was 324 mg/dL at that time.

Life has always taught me to be a warrior and not a worrier. I took it as a challenge and having strictly followed the advice of my doctor, I have managed to keep sugars in normal limits. Now, my fasting blood sugar is 106 mg/dL and HbA1C is 5.8 %. Also, my blood pressure is really good now, probably as a result of strict diet and daily walk.

Presently, I feel really fulfilled with my life. Both of my daughters are now happily married. Elder one is a doctor whereas the younger one has done her masters and settled in Australia. I am a proud grandmother to three lovely grand children who make me feel young again. I am privileged of have so supportive in laws for my daughters. It is with their support and encouragement, I had the strength to live a happy life.

Words of wisdom

I would like to motivate all the people like me by just saying that “ we all are pure souls and souls never die”. No matter what, the show must go on.

Best wishes to all

Baljit Kaur


November 1, 2017 Success Stories
In life there is so much to be grateful for, then why worry about diabetes?

My name is Vandana Sethi, I am 53 years old woman.  I live in New Delhi with my husband and two lovely sons. Let me tell you that I am a fun loving person who loves to read books on fiction, cooking and spirituality. I have a family history of diabetes. I lost my mother due to complications from type 2 diabetes. She actually had a heart attack; at that time her blood sugars were extremely high.

My experience with diabetes

When I got diagnosed with diabetes 10 years ago, I got very scared. My life came to a standstill and I thought that now I won’t be able to live a normal life.

It was my husband who supported me in this difficult phase of life. We had times, when I use to cry and he just made me smile with his silly jokes. He always tells me that life is too big to play small. We consulted our homeopathic doctor for treatment. She advised me to get some laboratory investigations done such as complete blood count, blood cholesterol, thyroid, blood sugar fasting, PP and HbA1C done.  All my reports came normal except my blood sugars. My fasting blood sugar was 160mg/dL , PP was 280 mg/dL and HbA1C was 7%.

I had a lot of questions in my mind and when I consulted my doctor, I asked her why I had diabetes at this age? Will it get reversed? She listened to me patiently and told me that I had a familial history of diabetes and this was the prime reason I was affected so early.  However, my doctor reassured me that with a conscious diet, optimum exercise and right medicines the blood sugars can be brought within normal limits and leading a normal life was possible.

She made a diet chart for me, keeping in mind my food preferences. She even helped me in understanding the importance of glycaemic index, portion control and calorie check. She prescribed few medicines based on my present symptoms. Within few weeks, my blood sugar fasting came down to 110 mg/dL and PP to 180 mg/dL. At this time my biggest challenge was to overcome was my craving for sweets. I was so fond of sweets that whenever I felt hungry, I used to have one. But I strongly believe that unless you make up your mind to achieve a goal, you cannot resist these daily cravings.

Yoga is my way of life

Since then my sugars have always been fine, but I wanted to make sure that my life gets healthy again. So, I joined yoga classes in my neighborhood which is not just an exercise routine but it has become my life practice. Yoga has helped me sweat it out and maintain my figure whereas meditation keeps me connected to the inner self. 1 hour of daily routine keeps me happy all day.

Food for thought

For a person like me, following a strict diet was a very difficult task. But when you have a supportive husband and a lovely family who are there at your every step, your life becomes so easy. I am very strict with my diet, whenever I feel like having a favorite food I have it, but the very next day I get serious about my diet again. I keep in mind about the portion size of my food and try to have a balanced diet always. I am very particular about my blood sugar check which I do every 3 days and record the readings, this helps me understand the blood glucose pattern.

My message to the people living with diabetes

Don’t take life too seriously, always remember to be happy. In life there is so much to be grateful for, then why worry about diabetes?

Believe me, you are stronger than you think you are.

Happiness always,



October 28, 2017 Success Stories

I am 41 years old and have been diabetic for around 6 years now. I live in Delhi with my wife and two lovely kids. I am a sales professional having field job that involves lot of travelling. Due to high work pressure and ignorance I was neglecting my health for quite a long time. Around 6-7 months back, when all of a sudden, I started losing weight, then I realised there is something wrong. I never took my diabetes seriously and didn’t get my blood sugars checked for last many years. But this time fortunately my wife forced me to get my blood test done. I was shocked to see my report with HbA1c 11%, fasting 302 and PP 430 and literally no alarming symptoms.

I was scared to death and didn’t want to visit the doctor. It was my wife who forced me to show to the doctor.  The doctor straight away started with insulin, and advised for regular monitoring of blood sugars. I was afraid, feeling helpless and guilty that why did I neglected my health.

I was quite reluctant about taking insulin or check my blood sugars because I had a needle phobia and at the same time I had no idea how to take insulin or check sugars. Initially we started to look for a professional who could inject insulin and check my sugars daily. Somehow I realised that I have to be independent and train myself to take insulin shots and check blood sugars. So, we wanted some expert to teach us about insulin therapy, blood sugar monitoring and also tell us what is good for me and what not. Then one of my wife’s friend told us about Diabee, which is a platform where education and counselling is delivered through calls, mobile app, and web. We took a 6 month program so that we can learn all about diabetes.

I was assigned a personal health coach who took all the details of my diet, exercise pattern and diabetes. She gave proper education to not only me but also to my family as well. She taught us about correct insulin administration technique, how to store and take care of insulin and its supplies at home or when going out. She has also helped me to buy a new glucose meter, how and when to check and how to record my readings properly in a log-book. She also explained how to manage and prevent if blood sugars go too high or too low.

Apart from telephonic counselling she also sent us relevant videos and images, which was quite helpful for better understanding. She also asked me to make a video of myself while taking insulin shot and checking sugar and send her back. So that she can assess and guide us if we’re doing anything wrong. Initially I was really hesitated to inject myself or check my blood sugars then my wife used to do it for me. But just because of constant support and encouragement from my coach now I take my insulin and check my sugars by myself. The education provided my health coach was nothing less than a life saver.

You know, due to such high sugars my appetite was also increased tremendously and I used to eat 7-8 chapatti at a go and still feel hungry throughout the day. But my coach divided my three major meals into 6-7 small and frequent ones. She had cut down my chapatti intake slowly and gradually and introduced more protein options and salads which helped me to feel full for longer. Now I just eat 2-3 chapatti with vegetable dal or curd and salad. This practice really helped me to improve my PP sugar values and gave me more satiety and satisfaction.  She also gave me some quick and handy options for my snack which I can easily carry to my work and while travelling. It helped me to stay away from those unhealthy fried or junks food which I used to eat before.

Earlier I never used to go for walk or exercise but now I’m able to integrate some easy to do exercises and walk in my daily routine. After all these unimaginable changes in my lifestyle with help of my wonderful coach and my supportive wife, my HbA1c has come down to 8.4 and fasting and PP also been reduced by around 250 points and now I am no more losing weight. Isn’t that amazing…?

I feel it is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. I never felt this way before, now I am giving time to myself and my health.


October 26, 2017 Success Stories

I am a 58 years old software engineer having diabetes since last 26 years. My family lives in Kolkata, but due to my work I reside alone in Bangalore. As you know that living alone and managing diabetes is very difficult without the family support. Though I have servant to cook, but eating alone is sometimes quite depressing. At times, I felt so lonely that I used to skip my morning walks. In spite of taking insulin, my sugar levels kept on fluctuating which was my major concern.

I have a strong family history of diabetes and learning about diabetes was very important. So, I started reading about diabetes on Google in my free time. One thing I have noticed is that there is an overload of information on internet that creates confusion, especially for a lay man like me. It is when you think that, whether this information is right for me or not? I tried talking to my doctor about my concern, however giving answers to all my queries was difficult for him in a 5 minute consultation. I always use to wonder, if I had someone who could guide me according to my condition and also discuss all my concerns, then my journey with diabetes would have been better.

On the contrary, I had a very hectic schedule, which left me with very less time to schedule frequent appointments with the doctor. I wanted a platform where someone can solve my queries and also offer personalised counselling that I needed to manage my diabetes.

While going through Facebook, I came to know about Diabee. It is a digital platform that offers a complete Diabetes Management Program. I took a 3 month service initially but after I saw improvement in my blood sugar levels, I renewed it for another 3 months with minimum cost involved. They made a personal health coach accountable for my health goals, she supported me at every step during my entire journey.

My health coach took my detailed personal, nutritional and medical history. Accordingly she planned a customised diet and exercise plan for me. In span of 6 months my HbA1c came down from 8.4 to 6.9%. My blood sugar fasting and PP is also within the normal limits now. I have been able to reduce my insulin dose from 50 units per day to 35 and also lost around 4 kg of weight, it really felt great.

Earlier my routine and meal timings were completely erratic. Then my coach explained me how a small step of taking meals on time can make a big difference and help to prevent glucose fluctuations. Now I’ve started taking my meals on time and don’t give long gaps between my meals. The frequency of hypoglycaemia has also reduced. I have learned a lot about healthy eating choices, glycemic index of different food and how I can enjoy my favourite food (e.g. rice, sweets etc.) by following portion control. As we all know, habits are difficult to change but because of consistent motivation and support of my health coach I’m able to adopt healthy habits in my daily routine.

I have started going for a 30 minute walk daily and also included swimming in my schedule on alternate days. All these exercises are not only mood elevators but also help to keep my diabetes in check. Diabee has also taught me many self-care skills such as skin care, foot care, and insulin education. I have developed a good understanding of my glucose pattern.  They have also make me aware about the ways to overcome occasionally high or low blood sugars.

I would say that false knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. The more conscious you are about your health choices the better you can manage your diabetes.


October 25, 2017 Success Stories

It was about five years ago, when I came to know that I have diabetes. Since childhood I am suffering from a genetic and incurable disease known as muscular dystrophy and now diabetes… It was quite shocking for me, as I don’t have any family history. I just asked myself why “ME”…? Initially it’s really difficult for me to accept all this, but I had to be strong and fight back which was the only option left for me.

Due to muscular dystrophy it was very difficult for me walk or perform day-to-day activities. Along with that, I was constantly losing weight and strength as my muscles were going weak due to the disease. I was very depressed and thought that I can no longer afford any more complications. That is when I decided to educate myself about my health. I was in desperate need of some professional help which could save me from going into the complication.

Then, one of my relative suggested me to join the diabetes support group on Facebook called “Diabee”. It is group made for the people living with diabetes, where they can share their experiences and ask expert queries. I was very impressed to know that they have a complete diabetes management program. I got enrolled for a 3 month package initially, to just give it a try.

I started liking the way the program helped me in my day to day life. The information and support the health coach provided was invaluable. It has helped me to set realistic goals as well as shown me how, when and what should I eat. I remember my doctor told me to increase my protein intake to gain my muscle mass. However, the main problem I faced was that I didn’t know what to have to increase my protein intake.

This is when I found the solution of my problem with the health coach, who gave me a personalised diet plan according to my health goals. She even suggested me healthier food options to include in my daily diet. DIABEE gave me 24×7 support and quick responses to all my queries through whats app, phone and email. I could even track my progress via the Diabee app. It has helped me to become more conscious and motivated.

Earlier I only use to do physiotherapy sessions and stopped going out for walk due to my condition. Then my health coach has advised me to take a break every 1-2 hours, and utilise those breaks by doing some chair exercises and move around for 5-10 minutes. With the constant push and encouragement from my coach, now I freely move in the whole house by myself. I am really happy to tell you that going to nearby park is no longer a problem for me. I have started socialising again.

I really use to miss some simple pleasures of life such as the view of playing kids, sound of chirping birds and the feeling of the fresh breeze. Listening to the music and doing meditation has become my favourite hobbies, it has really worked as a wonder drug to boost my mood.

After a span of 3 months, my weight has become stable and blood sugars have improved. It is such a great achievement for me. Now, I feel more confident, energetic, independent and positive about my life.



Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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