March 11, 2018 Success Stories

Hello, my name is Aranganaygam, my age is 35 years. I work for defence services in north India. I was diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago. Since then, I was taking diabetes medicine and having normal food. It was only 6-8 months back, I came to know that I have a specific type of diabetes known as LADA (latent autoimmune diabetes of adults).

I live with my wife and two wonderful daughters. The younger daughter is in her infancy, so many times we are not able to fulfil our need for sleep. As I have a hectic job, I come home tired and then sleep is also restless. Many times, I wake up in the middle of night with exhaustion and hunger. I often thought, this is because of low blood sugar, so I ate whatever was there in the refrigerator.

As a South Indian, I regularly eat idly with coconut chutney and rice. Then one day, I went to the doctor for follow-up. He pointed out that in spite of taking insulin my sugars are were not getting controlled. The reports indicated blood sugar fasting -255 mg/dL, PP-369 mg/dL and HbA1c 11.3%. There were even fluctuations in the blood sugar level, so he increased the insulin dosage. This was a signal that there were things that I was not taking seriously. I felt upset, didn’t know what to do.

My experience with Diabee

One afternoon, I got a call from diabetes management program Diabee. They explained me how I can take charge of my health. I got interested and enrolled in Diabee. They started my counselling with a team of diabetes experts. The health coach explained me about my diabetes that, in such type of diabetes, our body stops producing enough insulin due to damage of insulin producing cells. She asked my daily routine and identified the nutritional gaps in my diet and suggested a balanced diet.

I can recall, I was on a 2 week off and my only focus that time was to bring my health on track. Health coach Akanksha, came up with a daily challenge strategy for 2 weeks. She started calling me daily to take diet and exercise recall. She made me maintain a food dairy, so that I can track my meals. She made me include protein and salads, which I was missing previously. She motivated me to do daily walk. Mostly, I go for walk in the morning, otherwise I make it a point to complete the schedule in the evening.

I would like to say that my health coach is a perfect guide and a counsellor. There were times when I had acidity and she helped with some home remedies which really worked. I even had pain in abdomen once and she recommended me to take a medical opinion to find out the cause of pain. Medical tests suggested elevated liver function values and fatty liver. She made modifications in my diet to decrease fatty liver.

Now, I check my blood sugar as recommended by her. The episodes of blood sugar fluctuations have decreased. My fasting blood sugar is 143 mg/dl, PP is 155 and HbA1C has reduced to 8.3 %.

I am hopeful that within few months my HbA1C will come to normal.

Thank you Diabee.


February 16, 2018 Success Stories

Many people think that diabetes is an enemy. If one has diabetes, he feels as if it is a curse.

I want to tell the people with this thought that diabetes is an opportunity to get your health on track. It’s a healthy way of life that makes you intentional about your own self.

Diabetes is a friend in disguise! If you believe.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Indira Devi Kondaraju, my age is 75 and work as an Add. Director & HOD of pharmacology in Medical College, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. I have a lovely daughter, who is undergoing neuro treatment for epileptic disease. She is my bundle of joy and requires undivided attention and care. As a person, I love to be positive about life. My hobbies are reading inspirational books and teaching moral stories to my daughter. It is that whether you learn anything in life, a good moral character is quintessential for life. I love to serve my relatives & friends as an adviser.

Diagnosis of diabetes

About twenty-five years ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, after I had an accident that required a dental surgery. It was during pre-surgical evaluation my blood reports revealed high blood sugar. At that time, I was working as a professor at a medical college in Hyderabad. The doctor told me that I had to bring my sugar values down before the surgery. I was put on anti-diabetic medicines initially. However, for some time insulin was also prescribed.

I had known that a strict diet and exercise regimen is required to keep diabetes in control. But it is difficult to make these advices applicable in daily life. It takes time for us to cut unhealthy habits and follow a healthy lifestyle. Managing time in my hectic schedule was difficult. However, I started prioritising health, which made it easy for me. I started by waking up 10 minutes earlier for the first week. Followed by waking 30 minutes earlier in the next 2 weeks.

In the newly found time, I decided to start with a 5-minute yoga routine at home. I know 5 minutes sounds crazy, but the real thing is that your first beginning goal should be easily achievable, to help you reach for more. Now, I do yoga for an hour at least 5-6 days a week.

Challenges faced on the journey of diabetes

I don’t think so. Being a doctor, I have always served my profession in various capacities such as VP Medical Education & Research, Principal, AP/Addl Director of Medical Education, Andhra Pradesh.

Earlier my HbA1C was high now it remains between 6-7 %.

My message to the Diabee community

The feeling of getting free from complications like retinopathy, neuropathy and kidney damage is a great success. Medical research in diabetes is advancing; I request all Diabee members to spread awareness on diabetes. This will help to reduce the global burden of diabetes.

As a doctor I would like to say one thing more to the people living with diabetes. Please do not club alternate therapies such as herbal, Ayurveda or Homeopathy with modern medicines, to substitute the requirement of Insulin. As people who do these kinds of changes to avoid insulin, their biochemical investigations get interrupted, which results in various complications and this may even lead to emergencies requiring heart surgery or kidney transplant.

The golden rule for all the people living with diabetes is that, never hide anything about medication from your doctor. Insulin therapy protects all vital organs.

Dr. C. Indira Devi, MBBS (GMC) MD. (OMC)
HYD-HOD (Pharmacology)
Principal/Addl Director RMC, KKD, AP, V


January 25, 2018 Success Stories

My name is Sanjay, I a 35-year-old business man living in Rajasthan. I am work oriented person. After I completed my education I started with my business. I have a café of my own. My life revolves around work. I believe that, it is only through hard work one can achieve all the dreams.

One day I saw an advertisement about Diabee on Facebook. I liked it for my mother, who is a diabetic. I thought of checking, how such apps can help my mother. The next day I received a call from Diabee. While discussing about my mother’s diabetes, I noticed that I experienced similar symptoms such as too much thirst, excessive tiredness etc. The counsellor suggested me to get some tests done. The reports revealed fasting blood sugar 160 mg/dL, PP 250 mg/dl & HbA1C 10.

I consulted the doctor who suggested me medicines and healthy habits for diet & exercise.

To get my lifestyle in control, I got enrolled in Diabee

I was assigned a health coach; her name is Pooja. She is a very motivating person.

Before I tell you how Diabee helped me change my life, let me share with you my usual diet and schedule at the time when I got diagnosed.

I got up at 6 a.m. and right after getting fresh, sat on my laptop to check mails for an hour or two. At around 9 a.m., I got ready for work and had my breakfast that constituted of 2-3 chappatis with desi ghee and tea. During the day, I was so busy with my work that I usually missed my meals. My lunch had 3 chappatis, little salad, some vegetable and a big glass of lassi. In the evening, I had a cup of tea with biscuits or even a glass of cold coffee. In my dinner, I had rice & chapattis with little serving of vegetable.

I was very lazy about doing any kind of physical activity. I had a habit to sleeping late which gave me very less time for sleep. I was gaining weight every month; at the height of 5’6’’, I weighed 88 kg and my BMI reached 31.

This is where I was convinced by the idea of making healthy lifestyle changes to control diabetes. I thought that being a 35-year-old man, I have a long way to go. I will not let the work stress take control over my life.

Lifestyle modification

My health coach Pooja, worked on my health goals and gifted me a new healthy lifestyle. My mindset was to work day & night to achieve my goals, so that after I retire, I can relax. She made me understand the value of good health. She advised me to stand up and take a walk every hour as I was sitting for long time at work. I started talking a 30-minute walk daily as per her advice.

Due to work I had too much gap in the meals, I had whatever I used to get, without thinking. Pooja motivated me to have healthy snacks in between the meals such as bhuna channa, sprouts, or a fruit.

As far as sleep is concerned, I have started going to sleep earlier than before. I have made a point to sleep at least 7-8 hours daily and I practise deep breathing as soon as I wake up.

I was working hard for my family. However, on the walk of life often we give all our time and attention to work. These career goals slowly gradually start filling up the gaps of family time. We spend less time with family, I have 2 kids and a wonderful wife. Now, my health coach Pooja has given me a goal to spend some quality time daily with them. I take my son for a walk and made a point to spend some quality time with my wife.

Now, I feel much better about myself and I look forward to feeling even fitter. I would just like to thank Diabee for the inspiration and motivation because of which I too could beat type 2 diabetes.

Now my fasting blood sugar remains below 110 mg/Dl. Health Coach Pooja, calls me every week. You feel as if there is someone taking care of you. I was really amazed to see that a virtual program like Diabee can help so much in diabetes.

I have found this program beneficial. I suggest everyone who is a diabetic or has a loved one who is living with diabetes should subscribe to this program. This is an amazing program. Thank you.


January 19, 2018 Success Stories

My name is T. Ganguly, I’m 52 years old, having type 2 diabetes since last 5 years. I live in NCR Faridabad with my family. I work as an IT consultant and that involves a lot of travelling.

As a kid growing up through the 60’s and 70’s I spent most of my spare time out, either playing football or cricket. When I left school and started to work, all activity levels went really down.  This has been the case over the last 10- 15 years.

The unhealthy me

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013. I thought I was possibly suffering from diabetes for a few months as I had read about the symptoms (thirst, excessive drinking, excessive urinating and tiredness). But due to my careless attitude towards my health, I chose to ignore them.

I think one of the big factors in me developing type 2 diabetes was my travelling schedule. It has always been easier to eat out as opposed to bringing a lunch box. I really had no idea about what to have and what not to have during travel, even I was unable to do exercise. I use to eat whatever that was available. In south India, I had to eat rice in all meals and in north, I was having street food like kuchla chola, chola bathura etc. The healthiest drink I can recall, I use to have was juice. My schedule was hectic, due to long training sessions, I even use to miss my lunch. I had my meals only when I got time, that rarely had any veggies or salad in it. I skipped getting any tests. All this has ruined by health in these years.

Time to take a call

Early this year, I started feeling tired all day. My energy levels were deteriorating day by day and I also noticed loss of weight. This tiredness and exhaustion lead to irritability and started affecting my productivity.

It was June 2017, when I got in touch with Dr.Sidharth,  Diabetetologist by Diabee. I was asked to get some blood tests done after the consultation. I was expecting my blood sugars to be high as I was ignoring them. However, I had never thought that the levels will turn out to be so high. The reports revealed FBS- 336 mg/Dl, PP- 461 mg/Dl and HbA1C -12%. Even the cholesterol levels were also high, but Vit D was too low and body weight was 67 kg.

After seeing all my reports, I thought to myself that, will I be able to bring these elevated levels to normal range. It was the doctor that calmed me down. He told me that the levels are high as I was not serious about the treatment. However, the good news is that, if I follow regular medication along with healthy lifestyle, then within a short span of time the blood sugars can be brought down.

Right from the next day, I was put on antidiabetic medicines and the doctor told me to get enroll in Diabee.  He explained me that, it is not only the diet and exercise but various other factors that impact the diabetes. Initially, I was reluctant about taking medicines, but then, I took a decision that I will get healthy again.

Diabee, a companion in the journey with diabetes

After I got enrolled, Health Coach Akanksha asked about my schedule, diet etc. After understanding my whole lifestyle, she came up with innovative ideas that I can include in my life to stay healthy. She explained me how I can choose healthier options while travelling. She advised me to carry homemade meals and handy snack options like roasted chana, fruit or nuts during travel. Whenever, homemade meals were not possible, I was told to pick up the healthiest of cuisines available for ex. instead of aloo stuffed dosa, I should prefer paneer or plain dosa. I started ordering idli or uttpam with sambhar and pudhina chutney instead of vada & coconut chutney. Similarly, in north India, instead of rich curries, dal makhni, shaahi paneer, naan or puri etc., now I was choosing salad, clear soup, plain dal, seasonal vegetable. She explained me that tandori roti, missi or plain tawa roti is better than naan or paratha and I should choose chaach , plain lemon water, cold coffee without sugar instead of cold drinks, milk shakes, mock tails, juices etc.

I often use to skip breakfast earlier or sometimes I only had an egg or a glass of milk. Now, I have been taking a balanced diet according to the customized diet plan suggested to me, as per my calorie requirement. My health coach has suggested me quick and easy ways to prepare healthy snacks. I often told akanksha, “how much you will make me eat?”

Now, I have fixed my meal timings and made a ritual to take half an hour walk at least 2 times daily.

Bright side of life

Now I get compliments for looking healthier that before. My weight has increased to about 72 kg now, B/S fasting- 132, pp – 205, HbA1C -7.3 . I am positive about the future. I really believe that with the healthy lifestyle changes, I can stop any further damage that may have been caused.

My only regret was not to have started the program as soon as I found out about my type 2 diabetes. I wasted a lot of my time in confusion and ignorance.

I am fortunate to have Diabee in my life.


January 2, 2018 Success Stories
My name is Kishwar Yasmin. I am a type 2 diabetic. My age is 56 and I live in Lucknow. Personally speaking I am a person who likes reading, cooking and taking care of my family. Being a teacher, I devote my day to the school and whatever time I get I invest on my family. You know the joy of having a happy family, it is truly a blessing.
My journey with diabetes started nearly 4 years ago, when I experienced some discomfort and desire to urinate every few minutes.
I remember, it was my birthday in June 2013. We had a small get-together. Everyone left home a little late, after the party got over. The same night I started feeling the urge to urinate too often. I ignored this for a couple of days. However, on constant persuasion from my family. I went for a medical consultation with our family doctor. He asked me a couple of questions and checked my blood pressure, which was 130/85 mmHg. He had a doubt that I may have diabetes. The next day I got my blood sugar checked. The fasting turned out to be 66 and PP was 212 mg/dL.
I was upset, as I came to know about my diabetes. We all have heard a lot about diabetes since childhood. My mind was flooded with lot of misconceptions and beliefs. I feared myself as being a diabetic and what my life will be now.
I have a positive family history of diabetes and know what being a diabetic means. My brother is a diabetic since many years and have seen the challenges he faced in his day-to-day life. In Lucknow, we prefer high calorie diet consisting of pooris, halwa, gulab jamun etc. After I got to know about diabetes, I got serious to get it under control.

We must decide what we want, disease or a quality life

I was advised anti-diabetes medicines and I started following them strictly. Now, I know that I managed diabetes successfully for last few years by following healthy lifestyle and medications. I have started avoiding the rich diet that I was in a habit of having. That diet was too oily, spicy and had a lot of maida.
Now, I prefer having my tea without sugar. Even my meals are as per my doctor’s advice. These lifestyle changes are not easy when you have responsibilities of your family.
Thankfully, all the raised levels of blood sugar are now normal. Even my blood pressure is within the normal range. Earlier I used to feel the craving for sugar, but now the desire for sweet things has disappeared and I no longer feel the need to eat high carb foods to satisfy my hunger. I usually avoided eating fruits, but now gradually I have made a regimen to have fruit daily. I prefer eating vegetables and healthy food, they are now my best friends. I always try to make out some time for my daily walk. It is not that regular, but whenever I get time. I take a walk. Over a period, I have also seen positive change in my weight.

Biggest challenge

The biggest challenge that I have is to find some “ME TIME”. When you know, you have the whole family to look after, it’s natural to become selfless and devote all the time for their betterment.
In my case, I had the motivation and will to bring my life back in order. But I am sure there are people who need support and motivation to modify their lifestyle. I strongly believe that lifestyle change is the main requirement to getting back on track.
I wish I had someone who had guided me at every step. It took a lot of time for me to learn healthy habits to improve my lifestyle.

Message for people like me

I want to tell all the people like me that a combination of healthy food and lifestyle changes play a very important role in managing a big illness like diabetes. We all can should make time for what we feel is important in our lives.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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