July 25, 2018 Success Stories

When Kunal Puri was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes he was just 27 years old. He already had excessive stress due to his new venture in his business and now diabetes, it was too much to handle for him. He consulted a doctor who prescribed him medications for diabetes which he was taking religiously. Still his blood sugars were always on a higher side, why? Even he didn’t know the exact answer of this question at that time.

He didn’t have a family history of diabetes, so that means it’s not related to his genes. Then was it because of his habit of smoking and taking alcohol every single day? Or was it related to his erratic meal timings, unhealthy eating habits or irregular exercise routine? Somehow, he knew the answer within but didn’t want to accept that. Initially he thought everything would get better with time. But unfortunately, it didn’t. After few years when his blood sugars remain uncontrolled and he was started feeling weak and lethargic each passing day then he realised it is a high time to make things right before it’s get too late.

He enrolled himself in Diabee- The Diabetes Management Program in December 2017 for 3 months and renewed the program 3 times in a row. According to him the best part of the program is, it’s a digital platform where he doesn’t have to visit anywhere. He can get all the information he needs through his mobile phone with help of his personal health coach.

He strongly believes in the program and think that “This self-management program, helped me realize that managing my diabetes wasn’t just about taking medications or seeing doctors. It is about making healthy changes in your lifestyle at right time.”

After enrolling in the program his HbA1c came down to 6.5 from 9.5. His blood sugar fasting has also significantly improved from 230-250 mg/dl to 80-100 mg/dl. His personal coach counselled his wife also so that she can support her husband better in his diabetes journey. With constant motivation and counselling from his personal coach now he become more regular with his meal timings and better equipped to make healthy food choices whether at home or travelling away. He has started walking and exercising regularly. Most important change in his life is he has reduced his cigarettes from 10 in a day to 2 now and also significantly reduced quantity and frequency of taking alcohol from daily to 1-2 times a week. Moreover, his doctor is also happy with his efforts and achievement and reduced his medication dose remarkably.

Now, he feels good about his health, feel more energetic and confident in managing diabetes than ever before. About the program he says “It’s a great lifestyle program for people with diabetes or related problems. Personal coach is extremely helpful and supportive, solve all the concern and queries related to diabetes, encourage and motivate to do better every day”.

Thanks, Team Diabee

My Mantra to Win the Battle Against Diabetes – “If you change nothing. Nothing will change.”



June 1, 2018 Success Stories

I can still remember, it was about two years ago when I came to know I have type 2 diabetes. I got diagnosed on a routine check, my HbA1c was 6.7% and fasting was 118. I thought it’s not very high and might gone up because I had little extra sweets on Diwali that season, and I will be fine soon.  However, one of my close friend who is diabetic, suggested me to take an opinion from a doctor. Then I consulted the doctor who told me that my sugars are not that bad, but I am a diabetic. As soon as my doctor told me I had type 2 diabetes, my mind went blank. Really? It’s not possible. What did I do wrong? Why me? As, I had no family history and I knew nothing about the disease at the time I was diagnosed, so this really came as a shock to me.

My doctor also told me that if I start making lifestyle changes at initial stages, then there are good chances of me controlling my diabetes by diet and exercise alone. However, he also told me that over a period of time medications may be eventually needed. The doctor gave me three months to change my diet and start exercising before trying medication. So, I tried whatever I could do. After three months, my numbers started getting better but not quite where my doctor wanted them. So, he started oral medications for me, but told me clearly that medications alone can’t control diabetes that’s why making healthy changes in lifestyle is mandatory.

Trust me, it seems like a last chance for me to turn things around but I didn’t know, how? It already took me long to accept my diagnosis. So, I gathered all the courage, I had, and decided to take the first step toward managing the disease. I pledged that I would do everything in my power to live a healthy life for me and for my family.

So, I started searching for options where I can find some expert support who can guide me how to start with and make changes in my diet or exercise? That is when, while searching on the internet I came to know about such diabetes support group called “Diabee” on Facebook which has a community of thousands of people like me. They also have a personalised diabetes management program. I took a 3-month program and renewed it for another 3 months. My personal coach guides me on almost all the aspects of diabetes and lifestyle. I interact with my coach almost on daily basis with the help of Diabee mobile app, chats and receive diabetes education on different topics on diabetes through weekly telephonic sessions.

I also discuss my concerns and share my experiences with other member of the diabetes support program. Trust me, connecting with other people who share same feelings and concerns is one of the positive way to learning new things, overcome fears and get rid of disappointments. And, it is a lot easier to carry a heavy load, if you can share the burden with people who reminds you are not facing this alone. You know what, when I look back now and understand it was just the beginning of a better life.

Now, I feel more motivated and confident about understanding and managing my condition. Let me tell you, just after 3 months of enrolment in Diabee Program I found positive changes in my numbers. My HbA1c has reduced to 6.1 and I also lost 3 kg of weight. It really felt great. You know, change is difficult, but it’s only you who can make it happen. Earlier I used to eat whatever I come across or easily available. But, now I start making my own meals and always make healthier choices whenever I eat out. I have also become very regular with my exercise routine and I make sure that I walk at least 45 minutes every day. With my busy routine of bank job, I take some time out for myself. In those small 5-10 minutes breaks, either I walk or do some chair exercises.

Even though the diagnosis scared me at first, I realize this wake-up call ended up being a blessing in disguise. I would say, it’s natural to feel scared when you’re first diagnosed with diabetes, but try to embrace this challenge and use it as motivation to work hard to get what you want and deserve. Strength is beautiful, you have to be strong to get through each day living with diabetes. Just because diabetes is serious doesn’t mean you always have to be. That’s why, I always surround myself with people who support and understand me and I try to stay happy, spread smiles and laughter.

So, my message to all the people with diabetes is simple – just watch your numbers and listen to your body. Be creative and engage in humour. And, if you don’t like a high blood sugar reading, then you need to do what you can and you move on. Always remember, success is not about achieving big things. When you have diabetes, every improvement counts whether it is lowering your HbA1c by a percentage point or losing a kilo or two or making healthy food choices or every single step towards a healthier life.


May 7, 2018 Success Stories

My name is Tenesh Panda and in July of 2015, at the age of 30 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes with HbA1C of 9.3. My fasting glucose at the time of diagnosis was 349 mg/dl and PP 428 mg/dl.

As I was diagnosed, I started searching online for help. I saw diabetes support group by Diabee on Facebook that had a lot of information about diabetes. Initially, I was confused to see such diabetes related information, as I continued reading everything started making sense. I decided to get enrolled in Diabee program. For few days, I was reluctant about my treatment, but then I thought of solving my problems with guidance. I would like to say that whatever my health coach pooja suggested me about my diet, I started doing it. My job involved hours of sitting and travelling. Even my office was close to my residence because of this, I rarely got an opportunity to walk or exercise. This was making me lazy and worsening my diabetes.

Few months ago, I was a lazy man with no physical activity routine, no fixed meal timings. I was neither having any medicine for diabetes nor doing any diet. In the last 3-4 months, I have taken diabetes management seriously. I have always been a self-motivating person. However, there are times when you just flow with the flow.

The takeaway point here is that only dead fish flows with the flow.

As per the suggestion of my health coach, I have included 1 hour of playing cricket in evening. This has made me connect to my inner self and helped me increase my activity levels. There is no doubt that I had few slip ups in the first few weeks, but I can honestly say, “I have been fully devoted to my newly found regime since last 6 months”. Now, I feel fitter and full of energy. My HbA1C is now 5.5! The fasting glucose is 120 mg/dL and PP is 138 mg/dL. So, when I have my next HbA1C, I am sure it will be even lower. I’m glad to find a diabetes management program like Diabee.! My current blood sugar values are much better now, which is an achievement for a person like me.

My message to the whole diabetes community

People often think that there are some magic pills that can cure diabetes in a very short time. They keep their unhealthy diet and schedule as usual. However, the truth is that no substitute for constant hard work on balanced diet, right exercise and proper medications in management of diabetes.

Diabetes is a treatable disease and you have to see the big picture.

I wish you good health & happiness



April 23, 2018 Success Stories

It was about one and half years ago, when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at a young age of just 27. When I first heard the words “you have type 2 diabetes,” I thought it was the end of the world. At the time of diagnosis my fasting was 230 mg/dL and PP was 428mg/dL with an HbA1C of 12.3%. I felt sick the month before diagnosis. I was losing weight and feeling weak and exhausted at work all the time. But I thought it was just stress or the work pressure. I had been feeling the symptoms for several months but was ignoring them. I was not informed and was not able to connect my symptoms with diabetes. So, it was something I should take seriously, but I did not. I wish I had.

I was so focused on building a successful career in my bank job that I ignored my health after all these years. I have a desk-job which is quite hectic and I usually don’t get time to do any physical activity or eat on time. But now when I looked back, I don’t consider being diagnosed with diabetes as a bad thing at all. It gave me the opportunity to realize that I wasn’t taking care of my health, and I was given a chance to correct the situation. I have seen so many people around fighting against the disease and now it’s my turn to accept this challenge and win over this constant battle.

My family, friends and colleagues were very supportive when I was diagnosed, but I really had to take ownership of the situation. So, I have started yoga and eating on time. After consulting a doctor, I have started taking medications too. But was that enough to bring down my significantly high blood sugars levels? I really don’t know. Was I supposed to do or take care of anything else? I didn’t have any idea…! Then, one of my friend told me about a lifestyle program called Diabee. It is a mobile based and telephonic program where I don’t have go anywhere to avail the services. It is really a great concept for a person like me who can’t spare much time in sitting and waiting in queues for hours at hospitals or clinics.  In Diabee, I love the support and encouragement I get from the other program participants and from my personal health coach.

During the short span of 3 months, I have learned so many new things about diabetes and how to protect myself from any future complications. With the help of this amazing program, now I know when and how to check my sugars and what does the numbers actually mean?  For most of the people like me, it’s always challenging to give time to exercise with the busy schedule. But, now I know the simple yet effective ways to incorporate physical activity into my daily routine. I feel confident about making heathier food choices at home, while eating out or travelling. Even if I eat something unhealthy, now I know how to control my portion size without affecting the blood sugars much. I have realised how to take care of every part of my body with diabetes whether it is my feet, skin or gums.

Adopting positive attitude, taking accountability and having right support have been pivotal to my success so far. Now my blood glucose remains within normal limits, my fasting is around 110-120 mg/dl and PP remains below 160 mg/dl. My HbA1c has also reduced to 7.9%. I feel great! Even my doctor was amazed at my dedication and progress. Still there is long way to go, and the journey continuous.

We all know, this is not an easy journey, but the longer you make good food choices and exercise a priority the sooner you get into problems. Diabetes diagnosis doesn’t have to end your life, but you need to take it seriously. If you have diabetes or are at risk for it, eat right, exercise and listen to your doctors.  And, most importantly just listen to your body’s carefully, it does send the signals. The consequences are not good if you don’t.


April 3, 2018 Success Stories

Hello everyone, my name is Bruno Minj. I am a 63-year young man living with diabetes in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.

I was in service before retirement, after that I started spending time at home with my wife. Slowly gradually, I noticed that I enjoyed staying indoors. My activity levels declined. I was only eating and sleeping for these months.

One day my son gifted me a new smartphone. This opened a new world for me. I had known that I was diabetic since last 15 years. I was even having my medicines on time. But whenever I got my blood sugars tested, they came out high.

I kept on surfing the net for diabetes. It was May 2017, when I came across a Facebook advertisement about Diabee. I made a call on the customer care to inquire about the program. The counsellor explained me politely about the diabetes management program. She asked my medical history and suggested me to get enrol in the program.

I was proactive about my health, so I took the plan. I was assigned health coach Akanksha Badola. She got in touch with me over the phone call. I was advised to get some blood test done as per the doctor’s recommendation.

At that time, my Blood sugar fasting was 138 mg/dl, PP was 192 mg/dl and HbA1C 7.3 %. Even the blood sugar was fluctuating often and was not at all stable.

Akanksha, being inquisitive person, identified my major problem areas. She told me overeating and no physical activity are two major roadblocks in my lifestyle which are getting in the way of my health.

How my health coach transformed my health?

I always had an excuse to go out for walk, sometimes I complained about the weather or cramps that I had in my legs. She got my diet in right order to fulfil my nutritional deficiencies and increased my water intake to combat dehydration. This raised my energy levels and decreased my leg cramps.

Now, I daily go for a 45 minutes’ walk in the park outside. If it’s raining in the morning, I don’t skip my routine, rather I take a walk in the evening. I also go for 45 minutes of cycling twice a week.

Earlier, I use to overeat my favourite food such as fish & chicken as I was bad at estimating the serving size of food. Now, I know about portion control, how much carbohydrates, proteins and fats should I consume in every meal. I started sending my plate pictures to Akanksha, and she monitored the amount of food I was having.

I had a fear of diarrhoea, so I gradually started having egg, milk and oats as per her advice. Now, I have got in a habit of having vegetables and salads in all my meals. This does not mean I don’t have junk food, I do have it sometimes. However, I am honest with my health coach and she often suggests me actionable tips to overcome the chances of spikes in blood sugar. I also have sweet but in strict moderation.

She keeps motivating me to go for the doctor follow-ups at regular intervals for eye problems and diabetes also.

After 3 months, my blood sugar fasting came to 113 mg/dl, PP 143 mg/dl and HbA1C – 6.6 % . I have renewed my package again, as I feel that bring the levels to normal is one thing but maintaining those levels within range is a different game altogether.

My message to people living with diabetes

There is nothing worth having in life that comes easy. The same goes for a healthy life. Sometimes, you have to take firm decisions but when you start seeing results everything else take care of itself.

God bless you!



Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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