October 23, 2018 Success Stories


Mr. Ankit Sharma is a 36-year-old veterinary doctor lives in Jaipur, Rajasthan with his wife and kid. He was diagnosed with diabetes about seven years ago at the age of 29. After diagnosis with diabetes he was both discouraged and overwhelmed. Though he knew his risk of developing diabetes is very high due to his family history. But this early, he’d never imagined. Of course, he’s too young to diagnose with diabetes. He recalls “Type 2 diabetes is something I should have been checking regularly, but I did not. I wish I had.”

He recalls about his diabetes journey “I was a pack-a-day smoker and drink alcohol quiet often than I should. I didn’t do any exercise and my job was also sedentary and stressful. I didn’t ever bother about my diet and used to eat whatever comes on my plate. I was not regular with my follow-up with the doctor or any tests and examinations related to diabetes. To be very honest, initially I didn’t accept my diabetes diagnosis for very long which didn’t help, in fact it made things even worse.

Then I finally decided to take action for myself and my family. You know what, I heard a lot about diabetes and mostly negative things like complications and how it affects almost entire body from head to toe. I have no desire whatsoever to suffer the consequences of long term elevated blood sugars and put myself, my family and friends through financial and emotional stress of that kind. There are several things in life which you just can’t control but as far as diabetes is concerned – now I know that can be controlled and managed if I want to. I figured out I can do something about it and I choose to. It is about quality of life not quantity of life.

So, I enrolled myself in diabetes management program called Diabee where my personal health coach guided and encouraged me at every step. It’s a digital platform where they counsel and educate people with diabetes through telephonic counselling, mobile app, what’s app chat and patient support groups. It’s a great experience throughout where I learn more and more about diabetes and health every single day from diabetes experts and from people of diabetes support group. After enrolment my HbA1c came down to 7.1 from 10.2. I have reduced my intake of tea and increased my intake of salad, fruits and vegetables. I have started walking daily and make sure I reach my goal of 10 thousand steps daily given by my coach. I have reduced my smoking and alcohol intake significantly. Just imagine, from 3-4 pegs of alcohol five times a week to now 1-2 times in a whole month and reduced cigarettes to 1-2 in a day. I am planning to quit now, which I never thought I could but now I am confident about it. I am really feeling good about myself and my health has improved tremendously.

Thanks, Diabee you are a saviour…!

My Mantra to Win the Battle Against Diabetes is – “Do it now! Sometimes “Later” becomes “Never”.


October 9, 2018 Success Stories

Mr. Ajit Kumar is a retired man and work part time as a financial consultant. He is 63 years old lives in Kolkata with his wife and has one daughter who is married. Apart from his love for his work and finance he also like gardening and fond of listening old Bollywood melodies.

He recalls his journey with diabetes “I am living with diabetes from last 30 years and it’s been a long time isn’t it? I have spent almost half of my life in battling with diabetes. All these years I was trying my best to keep my diabetes under control. However, this new year wasn’t that great for me as far as my diabetes was concerned. Despite of all the efforts I’ve made my HbA1c shot up to 8.5%, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were also high and diagnosed with cataract in both eyes. Trust me, I am a very happy go lucky person usually try to be happy and keep others happy around me but thought of high blood sugars and its complications made me worried this time.

I started looking for a solution to get things back on track. I discussed with my friends and relatives who’ve diabetes. Some said do this, some said do that and others thought there’s nothing you can do about it. I also googled different doctors and programs on the internet. But, it all made me confused as there’s lot of information available. I wasn’t sure what to believe and what not? Then I came across “Diabee” a diabetes support group on Facebook which I joined and start receiving information and education on different aspects of diabetes and lifestyle every day. I liked the whole concept of this digital program, and on further enquiring I get to know they have 3 and 6-month packages. Initially, I enrolled myself for 3 months and the charges were nominal. I’ve improved and learned a lot during my entire journey for 3 months, that’s why I renewed my package for another 3 months.

During first 3 months my HbA1c came down to 6.8 from 8.5 and then in another 3 months it further reduced to 5.9. My BP and cholesterol levels also came down to normal range. Isn’t it amazing? I am thankful to my health coach from diabee and all the guidance, support and motivation I’ve received from her. It’s a great achievement for me and my doctor is also very happy to see the result and given green signal for my cataract operation. Finally, I got operated and recovered faster due to controlled blood sugars and BP. Now I can see things more clearly even without my glasses. Blurred vision is finally gone now.

My lifestyle has also improved now. Now I am much more careful about my meal timings and food choices. I am much regular with my daily walk and try to do at least do 30-45 minutes most days of the week. I check my blood sugars more regularly and discuss with my coach to find out what is working for me and what not. This program has helped me to get better every single day and not just blood sugars but overall health and quality of life. I am now more confident, equipped and independent in managing my health and diabetes in day-to-day life.

Thanks to my Health Coach and Team Diabee…

Let me tell you “At first, people will ask you WHY you’re doing it? Later they’ll ask HOW you did it? So, YOU have to decide what’s best for you.


September 29, 2018 Success Stories

A homemaker and mother of two, for Sonal Priya her family always comes first. She is a caring mother and a loving wife. All mothers can relate to this “when you give your family a priority and do everything possible in your reach to fulfil their needs then most of the times you neglect your health.” Sonal says, neglecting health for long time can lead to several health issues and till then you realise it, already too late.

Sonal was always on a higher side as far as her weight was concerned. She gained lot of weight during her pregnancy time and was never able to shed those extra kilos after delivery. She says, “it is almost close to impossible to dedicate some time to yourself when you have a toddler running around the house 24X7.” Her hectic schedule of taking good care of her family and children lead to erratic meal timings, no exercise and consumption of a lot of unwanted and left-over food stuff which lead to further weight gain. Like every other woman out there, “when I opened my eyes I had gained more than 20 kg of extra body weight” she recalls. I didn’t have much time to go gym or exercise that’s why I tried many things for weight loss which I could do at home from crash diet to several herbal remedies, but nothing worked. I never realised this extra weight can lead to lifelong diseases, until I was diagnosed with diabetes and thyroid on a routine check. Doctor said I must lose weight to manage diabetes better and prevent other health complications. But due to all the family responsibility it was difficult for me to devote much time to go to the doctor or any diabetes or weight loss expert.

It was then her husband told her about a telephone-based program Diabee and get her enrolled for 3 months program to manage diabetes, weight loss and improve her lifestyle. She was assigned a personal coach and she feels “My coach brings best out of me. Her constant motivation, support and positive outlook towards my health helped me in controlling my blood sugars, lose weight and reduce my stress levels.

After enrolling in Diabee I have lost 9 kg weight in 3 months, thyroid levels has come down to normal, HbA1c has reduced from 8.8 to 7% and feeling more energetic then ever and the journey is still continuing. My doctor has reduced my medications for diabetes and thyroid, both. I have started walking regularly at least 30-45 minutes and do some strength training and some stretching exercise at home as advised by my health coach. In diet also, she has given me a customised diet plan and healthy options easily available at home and when I eat out. Now I am more positive, confident and independent in taking care of my own health. It really means a lot to me.

Thanks, and Best Wishes to my Coach and Team Diabee…!

Join Diabee – If You Love Yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle


September 15, 2018 Success Stories

Daniel Fenn was fond of junk and non-vegetarian food. He loves to live his life on his own terms. He has his own garment business in Thrissur a city located in southern part of Kerala. He was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 years ago and since then blood sugars remain constantly high despite of continuous increase in his dose of medications. Last HBA1c was 10.4 and fasting and PP were sky-high ranging between 200-250 and 400-450 mg/dl respectively. He was urinating more often, feeling hungry and thirsty all the times and body was leaking large amount of glucose through urine. He was on terrible road to disaster. Blood cholesterol were high and was already taking medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol both. There was no physical activity, meal timings were irregular, and diet was something he had no control over.

He heard about a digital program called Diabee from his friend’s known to. He enrolled himself for 6 months program, just to check how it works. And, it worked beautifully for him and was a great decision indeed, so he renewed the program for another 6 months. Some experiences he shared about the program are “I am enjoying this program, it’s a great learning. My personal coach and diabetes expert from Diabee helped me in my journey to win over diabetes. I start noticing the changes within the first 2-3 weeks. During the short span of 3-4 months, my blood sugars and cholesterol levels improved tremendously. Now my blood sugar fasting remains between 80-90 mg/dl and PP around 110-120 mg/dl, isn’t that amazing? I’ve started walking and exercising daily for at least 30 minutes in a day. The diet recommended to me is much easier to follow and stick on to. Now I am much more aware of the foods I should be eating and foods I should be staying away from. I am trying new foods and different recipes and I’m loving it.

My coach counselled me on how to manage diabetes when I was sick and down with fever and diarrhoea. I was also educated on how to take care of my diabetes and diet while travelling. My coach also advised and informed me about test and exams related to diabetes and their significance in preventing long-term complications. I learned how to manage low and high blood sugars effectively. My coach also guided me about self-care in diabetes whether it is related to my feet, eyes or skin.

I would say, this program is definitely something which I would recommend to any diabetic looking to make a change. Now I have something to look forward to other than amputations or other complications in my future!

My mantra to win battle against diabetes is “Sorry, there is no magic. You have to eat healthy and live healthy to be HEALTHY…!


August 17, 2018 Success Stories

My name is Vikrant Bansal. I am a 34-year-old business man from Punjab. I had always lived with a fear that diabetes is a disease that will eventually lead to complications such as heart disease, eye disease, etc., irrespective of the age you get diagnosed at.

My doctors wanted me to add more medications every time I went for a follow up. But I kept on searching online for the solution of my problem. And then while going through Facebook, I came across Diabee, which said that I can manage my diabetes better by enrolling in the program.

I have been suffering from type 2 diabetes since 2012. For the last 6 years I underwent continuous oral medication. After I was enrolled for Diabee, I was made accountable to a health coach, who is a diabetes educator and a nutritionist. She made me understand the gap areas in my lifestyle. To be honest, earlier I had a prolonged sitting routine, my meal timings were irregular, I often use to overeat almost anything in evening to satisfy my hunger pangs. My body weight was 91 kg and if I tell you my fasting blood sugar, it was 220 mg/Dl, the PP was 199mg/Dl whereas the HbA1c was 8.9 %.

I had no knowledge and motivation to push myself for healthy lifestyle. Diabee helped me a lot to bring back my lost motivation, renewed health and the zeal to live a quality life.

I used to hide my diabetes diagnosis from all my near and dear ones, due to a hesitation that what they will think about me. Even I tried to hide this fact from my gym trainer, and he advised me a high calorie diet. This was my biggest mistake.

Now, that I have been doing well with the guidance of my health coach. My daily meals have been corrected, I have also started including a lot of fibre in my diet.  Instead of overeating momos in evening, I have been taking healthy snacks as suggested. Most of my family members are vegetarian, so I have started taking eggs and healthy non- vegetarian food on the go.

I have recently joined a gym after a lot of motivation given by my health coach. She is in favor that, diabetes should not stop anyone from enjoying the flavors of life. I am nowadays working out daily at gym, even my trainer knows about my diabetes and works closely with me to set my exercise routine. I daily do a combination of strength training and cardio in the gym. The cardio session includes, cycling, treadmill, cross trainer etc. All of this with a combination of dietary corrections has helped me lose 5 kg of weight within few weeks.

My health coach Akanksha, even told me to be regular with Gym as this will help in consuming free flowing sugar in the blood by training muscles during the work out. Working out, will not only keep us in good shape but also help in managing diabetes better.

Going to gym has also helped me in making new friends and because of this I have overcome a rough patch in my life which was because of a personal problem.

Exercise tips given by my health coach  

She told me that people with diabetes need to take care of blood sugar fluctuations. If a person does an extensive workout, there may be risk of a hypo or a low blood sugar. She advised me to check blood sugar before and after workout, to get an idea about the change in sugar pattern both pre and post exercise. This helps in understanding how the body is responding to exercise.

Always have a carbohydrate based snack at least an hour before exercise and also after it to replenish the energy used. Carrying a gym kit which includes glucose tablets, sugary drink, water etc. is a smarter choice to manage hypo.

My recent blood sugar fasting is 115 mg/Dl, PP is 141 mg/Dl and HbA1c is 7.2 %. I feel much better both mentally and physically. I don’t know why I use to feel helpless before when everyone told me that diabetes is progressive, and once it enters the body, it does not spare any organ.

My message to all the people living with diabetes like me

Whatever your best is, give that effort in everything that you do. Diabee will help you at every step of your journey with diabetes. You can enjoy life fully, even when you have diabetes.

Thanks DIABEE.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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