Being Healthy and Fit isn’t a Fad or a Trend. Instead it’s a Lifestyle.

October 9, 2018Success Stories

Being Healthy and Fit isn’t a Fad or a Trend. Instead it’s a Lifestyle.

October 9, 2018

Mr. Ajit Kumar is a retired man and work part time as a financial consultant. He is 63 years old lives in Kolkata with his wife and has one daughter who is married. Apart from his love for his work and finance he also like gardening and fond of listening old Bollywood melodies.

He recalls his journey with diabetes “I am living with diabetes from last 30 years and it’s been a long time isn’t it? I have spent almost half of my life in battling with diabetes. All these years I was trying my best to keep my diabetes under control. However, this new year wasn’t that great for me as far as my diabetes was concerned. Despite of all the efforts I’ve made my HbA1c shot up to 8.5%, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were also high and diagnosed with cataract in both eyes. Trust me, I am a very happy go lucky person usually try to be happy and keep others happy around me but thought of high blood sugars and its complications made me worried this time.

I started looking for a solution to get things back on track. I discussed with my friends and relatives who’ve diabetes. Some said do this, some said do that and others thought there’s nothing you can do about it. I also googled different doctors and programs on the internet. But, it all made me confused as there’s lot of information available. I wasn’t sure what to believe and what not? Then I came across “Diabee” a diabetes support group on Facebook which I joined and start receiving information and education on different aspects of diabetes and lifestyle every day. I liked the whole concept of this digital program, and on further enquiring I get to know they have 3 and 6-month packages. Initially, I enrolled myself for 3 months and the charges were nominal. I’ve improved and learned a lot during my entire journey for 3 months, that’s why I renewed my package for another 3 months.

During first 3 months my HbA1c came down to 6.8 from 8.5 and then in another 3 months it further reduced to 5.9. My BP and cholesterol levels also came down to normal range. Isn’t it amazing? I am thankful to my health coach from diabee and all the guidance, support and motivation I’ve received from her. It’s a great achievement for me and my doctor is also very happy to see the result and given green signal for my cataract operation. Finally, I got operated and recovered faster due to controlled blood sugars and BP. Now I can see things more clearly even without my glasses. Blurred vision is finally gone now.

My lifestyle has also improved now. Now I am much more careful about my meal timings and food choices. I am much regular with my daily walk and try to do at least do 30-45 minutes most days of the week. I check my blood sugars more regularly and discuss with my coach to find out what is working for me and what not. This program has helped me to get better every single day and not just blood sugars but overall health and quality of life. I am now more confident, equipped and independent in managing my health and diabetes in day-to-day life.

Thanks to my Health Coach and Team Diabee…

Let me tell you “At first, people will ask you WHY you’re doing it? Later they’ll ask HOW you did it? So, YOU have to decide what’s best for you.


Diabee is your ever-present Diabetes Coach, helping you keep your diabetes always under control.

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