A homemaker and a mother has improved her health with Diabee. If she can, you can too…!

September 29, 20180Success Stories

A homemaker and a mother has improved her health with Diabee. If she can, you can too…!

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A homemaker and mother of two, for Sonal Priya her family always comes first. She is a caring mother and a loving wife. All mothers can relate to this “when you give your family a priority and do everything possible in your reach to fulfil their needs then most of the times you neglect your health.” Sonal says, neglecting health for long time can lead to several health issues and till then you realise it, already too late.

Sonal was always on a higher side as far as her weight was concerned. She gained lot of weight during her pregnancy time and was never able to shed those extra kilos after delivery. She says, “it is almost close to impossible to dedicate some time to yourself when you have a toddler running around the house 24X7.” Her hectic schedule of taking good care of her family and children lead to erratic meal timings, no exercise and consumption of a lot of unwanted and left-over food stuff which lead to further weight gain. Like every other woman out there, “when I opened my eyes I had gained more than 20 kg of extra body weight” she recalls. I didn’t have much time to go gym or exercise that’s why I tried many things for weight loss which I could do at home from crash diet to several herbal remedies, but nothing worked. I never realised this extra weight can lead to lifelong diseases, until I was diagnosed with diabetes and thyroid on a routine check. Doctor said I must lose weight to manage diabetes better and prevent other health complications. But due to all the family responsibility it was difficult for me to devote much time to go to the doctor or any diabetes or weight loss expert.

It was then her husband told her about a telephone-based program Diabee and get her enrolled for 3 months program to manage diabetes, weight loss and improve her lifestyle. She was assigned a personal coach and she feels “My coach brings best out of me. Her constant motivation, support and positive outlook towards my health helped me in controlling my blood sugars, lose weight and reduce my stress levels.

After enrolling in Diabee I have lost 9 kg weight in 3 months, thyroid levels has come down to normal, HbA1c has reduced from 8.8 to 7% and feeling more energetic then ever and the journey is still continuing. My doctor has reduced my medications for diabetes and thyroid, both. I have started walking regularly at least 30-45 minutes and do some strength training and some stretching exercise at home as advised by my health coach. In diet also, she has given me a customised diet plan and healthy options easily available at home and when I eat out. Now I am more positive, confident and independent in taking care of my own health. It really means a lot to me.

Thanks, and Best Wishes to my Coach and Team Diabee…!

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